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Robot Picker -- Make Cold Runner Mold Runs Automatically

H.S.Code: 1111.2222
Robot is a kind of precision take-out device which can be used to take out molded products or sprue after each injection cycle.
  • Simple and compact design.
  • Excellent apparatus.
  • Human nature control.
  • Production on assembly line.
  • New conception about modern factory.
  • Hundred output responses to ten input.
Model HH700
Type of Vertical Arm Single-Stage
Suitable Injection Machine 75 ~ 200 Ton
Vertical Stroke of Main Arm 700 mm
Crosswise Stroke of Main Arm 150 mm
Vertical Stroke of Sub-Arm 750 mm
Crosswise Stroke of Sub-Arm 100 mm
Traverse Stroke 900 mm
Rotation Angle 900
Maximum Load 3 Kg
Idle Take-out Time 1.0 sec.
Idle Cycle Time 7.1 sec.
Driving Method Fully Pneumatic (4~6Bar, 35NI/cycle)
Power Consumption 0.02 Kw
Net Weight 81 Kg
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