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Plastic Closure Slitting Machine

H.S.Code: 8477800000

Model QK-15/QK-2002 closure slitting machine can perform closure sorting, feeding, slitting, releasing to make the security ring of plastic closure automatically.

Plastic Closure before Slitting and after Slitting
Technical Specification
QK-15 Slitting Machine  QK-2002 Slitting Machine   
Model QK-15 (Without Autoloader) QK-2002 (With Autoloader) FS-15
Running Video: QK-15 Video (10.0MB)    
Cap Diameter: 25~60mm 25~60mm 25~38mm
Cap Height: 15~25mm 15~25mm 15~30mm
Header Number: 2 6 2
Output (for dia.28mm): 15,000 pcs/hour 40,000 pcs/hour 15,000pcs/hour
Operator Required: 3 sets/person  
Rated Power: 0.6 Kw (1 phase ) 4 Kw (1 phase) 2 Kw (3-phase)
Power Consumption: 0.5 Kw 2 Kw 1.5 Kw
Air Consumption: 3-6Bar, 0.6m3/min 3-6Bar, 0.6m3/min 3-6Bar, 0.8m3/min
Machine Dimension: 90x75x176 cm 145x65x150 cm
Machine Weight: 350 kgs 450 kgs
  • Can one machine slit all kinds of caps?
    Sorry, no. Generally speaking:
    For cap with dia.28~30mm neck, one machine needed;
    For cap with dia.38~46mm neck, another machine is needed;
    For cap with neck diameter <=24mm, another machine is needed.
    Moreover, for one machine, the cap height is fixed.
  • What should be replaced for different necks (if applicable, e.g. 28mm & 30mm)?
    Theoretically, sliding rail, knife support, cap seat, and front clamper can be replaced to fit caps of another diameter. But actually it is not so convenient. Thus we don't suggest one machine for caps of different diameter.
  • Powder generated by slitting machine may pollute the caps? Should slitted caps be washed before capping?
    Generally no.
    Whatever there is powder generated or not,  caps must be washed before capping.
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