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Closure Pad Printing Machine

H.S.Code: 8443991000

KYS4C Pad Printing MachinePad printing machine is used to print company logo on the top surface (ONLY) of closure, thus to identify the closures or products from other suppliers.

The patented newly developed model KYS4C pad printing machine consists of closure sorter, closure feeder, electronic high-frequency surface spark-treatment device, pad printing unit, closure ejector. Thus it works fully automatically to save the labor and increase the output. It is ideal for closure manufacturer.Plastic Closures

Technical Specification
Model KYS4C
Real Output Maximum: 9,000pcs/hour, 4-color mode
(Guranteed speed for common 28mm caps)
Cap Diameter: 25~60mm
Cap Height: <=25mm
Color: 4-Color
(If switch to 2-color mode, speed will be 25% more)
Ink Used: 16000 Series
Number of Working Station: 38 Stations
Motor Power: 0.4 Kw
Closure Sorter: 0.09 Kw
Closure Feeder: 0.37 Kw
Surface Treatment: 0.4 Kw
Heating Air: 1.0 Kw
Air Source Required: 8Bar, 0.8m3/min.
Dimension: 470x80x210 cm
Weight: 1800 Kgs
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