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Plastic Closure Dripping Machine

H.S.Code: 8477209000

DS-2006 Liner Dripping MachinePlastic dripping machine is used to produce sealing liner for closure (plastic closures only), thus the closure can seal well and prevent it from air leakage or liquid leakage, even for carbonated soft drink.

The patented newly developed model DS-2006 plastic dripping machine is improved based on model DS-2000 (version 2000, 3rd generation). It is integrated with functions such as closure sorting, closure feeding, dripping, temperature control, speed regulating. Thus it works fully automatically to save the labor and increase the output. It is ideal for closure manufacturer.

Plastic Closure before Dripping and after Dripping
Technical Specification
Model DS-2006
Output: <= 18,000 pcs/hour (for dia.28mm cap, 24-head)
<=12,000 pcs/hour (for dia.38mm cap, 16-head)
Bottle Pressure to Lock: <= 6 Bar
Working Air: 0.4~0.5m3, 4 Bar
Motor Power: 380V/3p (or OEM), 3 Kw
Extruder Power: 3 Kw + 4 Kw (Heating)
Closure Sorter: 60 W (single phase)
Operator Required: 2 persons / set
Raw Material: TPE (for 28mm neck cap, 0.3~0.4g/pc consumed)
Dimension Overall: 355x125x155 cm
Extruder (packing): 180x63x130 cm
Dripping Unit (packing): 130x98x160 cm
Closure Sorter (packing): 90x90x90 cm
Specification Reference of TPE   T-BLEND TPE, No.6594N-PE
Item Testing Result Testing Method Testing Condition
Heatproof Intensity (Tb) 56.5 Kb/cm2 ASTMD412 Draught Speed: 500mm/min.
Elongation (Eb) 527%
M300 39 Kb/cm2
Hardness (Hs) 65 ASTMD2240 A Type
Tear Intensity 33 Kg/cm ASTMD624 C Die
Akron Abrasion 0.66 cc B.S.903 150 21b" 2000rev
M.F.I. 0.5 g/10min. ASTMD1238 1800C, 5Kg
Rebound Elasticity (Rb) 60.2% ASTMD1054 Room Temperature
Specific Gravity 0.89 ASTMD792  
Molding Conditions:
  • Drying: 600C, 2 Hours;
  • Barrel Temperature:
    • Rear Zone (Feeding): 1400C;
    • Middle Zone: 1600C;
    • Front Zone: 1800C;
    • Nozzle Zone: 1800C.
  • Mold Temperature: 30~400C;
  • Injection Pressure: 30~60Bar;
  • Injection Speed: Middle to Fast.
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