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PET Preform Injection Mold

H.S.Code: 8480.7100.90
32 Cavities PET Preform Injection MoldMolding system plays an important role in food & beverage packaging industry.

PET PreformKenplas adopts latest engineering innovation, metalworking technologies, and mold making know-how to design, manufacture and test PET preform molds. Kenplas' PET preform mold assures the customer to produce high-quality PET preforms at high productivity, but with most economical investment, shortest start-up time and lowest maintenance cost.

With Kenplas' PET preform mold, medium and small size company can produce PET preforms by themselves and also satisfy the fresh brood's production requirement in PET field.

We are enjoying a good reputation on manufacturing close tolerance molds manufactured to rigid customer specifications.

PET Preform Injection Molding (Size: 1.45Mb, Duration 0'36")

Setup of PET Preform Injection Mold (Size 11.8Mb, Duration: 5'06")

8 Cavities PET Preform Injection Mold Mold Quality
  • Excellent mold steel, STAVAX S136(ASSAB/Sweden) steel or equivalent for mold core/cavity.
  • Chrome-free.
  • Coil Heaters, HotSet/Germany;
  • Hard mold cavity/core, HRC48-50 as per international standard.
  • Long service life, over 2.5 million shots.
  • Inter-changeable mold components.
  • Balanced multi-Layer hot runner.
PET Preform Qaulity
  • Gate-free preform with superior gate quality.
  • Low I.V. (intrinsic viscosity loss) loss.
  • Low preform eccentricity, no more than 0.1mm.
  • Excellent perpendicularity.
  • Low weight variation between cavities, less than +/-0.2g.
  • Low Acetaldehyde AA level.
  • Low preform temperature at exit to avoid preform scratches.
Developing the Mold
  • 4 Cavities PET Jar Preform Injection MoldProfessional PET Preform Design
    >> Make Imagination into Reality

    Based on the years' experience and integration with most advanced mold technology on the world, Kenplas can design preform with both standard and non-standard neck/shape/volume for water bottle, CSD bottle and oil bottle with perfect bottle blowing performance as per customer's bottle requirement.
  • Long Service Life
    >> Over 2.5 Million Shots

    Kenplas' PET Preform Injection Mold enjoys a service life over 2.5 million shots, based on scores years' design/manufacture experience, mold making know-how, adoption of CNC machining center, high-precision EDM shaping machine and high precision Jig Boring machine.
    • Steel Material and Machining Tools -- Precision
      High quality steel like special Anti-rust Mold Steel and Alloy Steel is used to build mold's different parts. High original hardness and nice machining performance is above steel's mutual features.
    • Heat Treatment for Mold Building -- Strong
      Kenplas does twin heating treatment for mold's inner parts to enhance their strength and prolong their using life. After Treatment, the mold core's surface hardness can reach HRC 58~60 degree.
      After heat treatment, hard chrome plating will be adopted on Kenplas Preform Injection Mold's inner part. On normal condition, Kenplas Preform Injection Mold can go on 2.5 millions times of injecting production cycle at least.
  • Gate-Free Preform
    >> Labor-Saving
    • 12 Cavities PET Preform Injection MoldValve-Gate Sealing System -- Gate-free Preform
      Kenplas Preform Injection Mold adopts Pneumatic Valve-Gate Sealing System to produce gate-free PET preform,  which can save much labor and material cost, also reduce the mold's wear & tear extent for customer.
    • Hot Runner System
      Kenplas Preform Injection Mold adopts specially designed Pin-Valve type Hot Runner System to achieve ideal and prompt heating effect for preform production. Moreover, such hot runner system reduces mold's each part's wear & tear and maintenance cost, and also saves 10~15%'s electricity.
    • Heating System -- Quick Response but Energy-saving
      Kenplas Preform Injection Mold adopts double Heating system to ensure perfect heating effect and reliable quality control. The Heater Unit is used to heat the hot runner plate with long service life and powerful heating capacity. The Heating Ring System is used to ensure the mold nozzle's constant heating temperature.
    • Hydraulic Ejecting System -- Quiet, Long Service Life
      Kenplas Preform Injection Mold adopts hydraulic ejecting mode to replace the mechanical type Hook Doffing System for smooth preform doffing process. The preform-doffing success ratio has achieved firm insurance and the whole preform ejecting process will become much quieter.
  • Cooling System
    >> Short Cycle Time & Perfec
    t Preform Quality
    In each inner mold part, there is well-designed cooling system with perfect cooling effect and abundant strength.
  • Low Preform Eccentricity
    >> Leave Preform Eccentricity Away
    • Self-lock System
      Long bi-awls (double-taper) fixed orientation advanced techniques has been adopted on Kenplas Preform Injection Mold to reduce the preform eccentricity problem caused by outside reasons.
    • Patent Designed Rectifying System for Preform's Eccentricity -- Double Insurance on Preform Eccentricity
      Accessories for PET Preform Injection MoldPatent Designed Rectifying Device has been equipped on Kenplas Preform Injection Mold to remove preform eccentricity possibly occurs during preform production. After rectified, the preform wall's eccentricity can be adjusted below 0.05mm again.
  • After-Sale Service
    >> Have a good sleep

    Before delivery, each mold will bear strict test. Detailed parameters will be recorded with their own sole serial number. And full set of enough spare part will be equipped with mold to ensure mold's normal working. Moreover, during mold's using period, Kenplas ensures abundant normal spare part supply for any requirement. Kenplas helps you solve all the problems happened during production.
Technical Specification

Mold Cavity Layout & Dimension

Cavity Number 1 2 4 8 12 16 24 32
Cavity Layout (Col*Row) 1*1 1*2 2*2 2*4 2*6 2*8 4*6 4*8
Mold Height (mm) 200 350 350 500 640 790 740 860
Mold Width (mm) 200 200 270 300 350 380 600 670

Mold Thickness (mm)

19g,90mm long 295 305 315 325 360 370 590 590
25g,100mm long 305 315 325 335 370 380 600 600
28g,110mm long 335 345 355 365 405 415 635 635
38g,135mm long 380 390 400 410 450 460 680 680
42g,145mm long 400 410 420 430 470 480 700 700

Production Analysis: 24g Preform for 500ml Water Bottle with PCO Neck

Cavity Number 4 8 12 16 24
Material Type PET resin with viscosity around 0.78~0.80
Cycle Time (sec.) 15 18 20 22 24
Output (pcs/hour) 960 1600 2160 2650 3600
Shift Time Standard 8 hours
Output (pcs/shift) 7680 12800 17280 21200 28800
Material Supply (kgs/shift) 190 310 420 510 700

Production Analysis: 32g Preform for 1000ml Water Bottle with PCO Neck

Cavity Number 4 8 12 16 24
Material Type PET resin with viscosity around 0.78~0.80
Cycle Time (sec.) 16 20 22 24 28
Output (pcs/hour) 900 1440 1960 2400 3085
Shift Time standard 8 hours
Output (pcs/shift) 7200 11520 15680 19200 26480
Material Supply (kgs/shift) 230 370 510 620 800

Production Analysis: 42g Preform for 1500ml Water Bottle with PCO Neck

Cavity Number 4 8 12 16 24
Material Type PET resin with viscosity around 0.78~0.80
Cycle Time (sec.) 18 22 25 28 30
Output (pcs/hour) 800 1310 1728 2060 2880
Shift Time standard 8 hours
Output (pcs/shift) 6400 10480 13824 16480 23040
Material Supply (kgs/shift) 270 450 590 700 980
Neck Size
<=Dia.32 mm
Dia.38 mm Weight<40g
Dia.45mm Weight<40g
Dia.60mm Weight<50g
Dia.70mm Weight<60g
Dia.83mm Weight<75g
Extra Puncher
Extra Puncher with Holding Plate
Spare List for PET Preform Mold (Gate-Free)
Name <=6 Cavity >=8 Cavity
Mold Temperature Controller 1 Set 1 Set
Temperature Meter 1 Pc 25% of Whole Mold
Mold Core/Cavity (None) 1 Pair
Neck Split 1 Pair 25% of Whole Mold
Nozzle Heater (with thermocouple if used) 25% of Whole Mold 25% of Whole Mold
Insulation Cap for Nozzle 25% of Whole Mold 25% of Whole Mold
Sealing Rings for Cylinder 100% of Whole Mold 100% of Whole Mold
Tabular Heater 1 Pc 50% of Whole Mold
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