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Injection Mold

H.S.Code: N/A
Mold Standards
  Class A Class B Class C
Service Life (Shots) 800,000~1,000,000 300,000~500,000 80,000~100,000
Mold Base Brand Mold Base,
Domestic Standard Mold Base Self-made Mold Base
Standard Parts Class A Suppliers Class B Suppliers Class C Suppliers
Mold Cavity/Core Hardness HRC50+,
Steel 8407/2344ESR/S316,
All part heat treated.
Hardness HRC30+,
Steel NAK80/718H. For acid material or glass fibre, quenched S136/2083 suggested.
Steel P20 or Carbon Steel, normally nitridation only.
Cooling Best Design Good Design Ordinary Design
Ejection Guided Partially Guided Normally No
Orientation Precision Orientation on half surface. Orientation Partially No
  • Plastic Injection Mold (2)Plastic Injection Mold (1)Mold making experience on since 1985;
  • OEM daily plastics design;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Over 140 molds exported per year(since 1995, not incluing preform mold and cap/closure mold);
  • Guarantee of quality and service life;
  • Keeping document for each mold.
Plastic Injection Mold for Ink Drum Ink Drum
(for RISO Kagaku Corporation, Japan)

4 Parts as one unit
Volume: 1000 ml
Weight: 142 gms
Dimension: dia.80x272mm

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