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Plastic Injection Molding Machine HSJ Series

i-Master HSJ series plastic injection molding machine can deal with general purpose thermoplastics such as PolyEthylene(PE), PolyProplene(PP), PolyVinyl Chloride(PVC), PolyStyrene(PS), Nylon, PolyCarbonate(PC), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymer(ABS), etc.

Specially designed HSJ series PET injection molding machine meets the processing requirements of PET material at most.

Models Available HSJ Series KPET Series HIPET Series
HSJ Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Advantage of HSJ Series
  • Robust box style mold platen by direct iron casting;
  • Larger mold capacity (opening stroke, mold thickness and space between tie-bars);
  • (Optional) Differential injection device and clamping unit (higher speed but lower pressure);
  • Self-lubricating bushes used in guide rods and tie-bars for smooth running and eliminating the need of external lubrication of machine surfaces and plastic goods.
Typical Parts

Safety Device

Hydraulic Safety Valve Mechanical Safety Device  
Hydraulic Safety
(by Yuken/Taiwan Valve)
Mechanical Safety Device Electrical Safety Device
by Limit Switches (OMRON/Japan)
Controller & Electrical
  • AC Contactor -- Schneider/China;
  • Limit Switch -- Panasonic NAIS;
  • Proximity Switch -- DEPU/Germany;
  • Band Heater -- Standard/HongKong.
A63 Panel Touch LCD Electrical Cabinet PET Preforms Air Purifier PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Panel of A63 Controller
(by Techmation/Taiwan)
LCD Display (6") Board & Wiring of A63 Controller
(by Techmation/Taiwan)
Position Transducer (Linear Potentiometer), made by DEPU/Germany
Transducer for Clamping Unit Transducer for Injection Unit Transducer for Ejector
for Clamping Unit for Injection Unit for Ejector
Valve, Hydraulic Pump & Hydraulic Motor
Transducer for Clamping Unit Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Motor
Valve Board for Clamping Unit
(Directional Valve -- VICKERS/USA;
Back Pressure Valve, Check Valve: LINDE/Taiwan)

Valve Board for Injection Unit
(Proportional Valves -- HNC/Taiwan)

Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Motor
  • Sealing Ring, Composed Sealing Ring -- Japan.
Hydraulic Hose Water Distributor Cooling Blower Purge Guard
Hydraulic Hose (MANULI/China) Protected by Stainless Spring

Water Distributor for Easy Mold Mounting

Enhanced Cooling Blower for Electrical Cabinet to Stand High Temperature Purge Guard to Protect Operator's Safety
Design Feature

Injection Unit

  • Balanced double cylinder injection system with compact structure;
  • Optional A, B, C screw & barrel for process of different material;
  • Big L/D ratio and precision-boned heating barrel ensure increased plasticizing efficiency and ease of barrel flushing;
  • Screw made by high precision CNC thread grinder to achieve strong plasticizing capacity and homogeneous mixing;
  • Nitrided screw and heating barrel ensure optimum performance and lasting service life;
  • Electro-hydraulic proportional valve features easy adjusted pressure and flow increase reliability and sensitivity;
  • Easy adjustable multi-step pressure, speed of INJECT & HOLD-PRESSURE;
  • Screw directly driven by a high torque hydraulic motor with 99-step speed and 140-step pressure, thus suitable for wide range of material;
  • Linear potentiometer for screw stroke control;
  • P.I.D. temperature control;
  • SUCK-BACK function;
  • Pressure gauge indicates injection pressure;
  • Screw and heating barrel made of high-quality 38CrMnAlA assure long service life.

Clamping UnitClamping Unit

  • International standard toggle mechanism;
  • Platen and toggle in accuracy machined by CNC machine center;
  • Large open stroke, efficient and reliable movement;
  • High quality tie-bars using 40Cr steel;
  • Automatic mold-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through a planetary gears system ensures fast and constant settings;
  • Multi-eject function with adjustable pressure, speed, position and delay time;
  • Clamping UnitLow pressure MOLD-PROTECT;
  • Linear potentiometer for mold clamp position control;
  • Three stages of MOLD-OPEN/CLOSE pressure and speed control;
  • Whole-covered guide of clamping unit ensures the operator's safety.

Appearance & Foundation

  • Level pads for foundation are easy for operators to move, install and level the machine;
  • Oil filters, oil level and oil alarm system in the oil tank;
  • Whole-covered safety guide is artistic and strong, movable for maintenance.

Sideview of Plastic Injection Molding MachineHydraulic & Lubricating System

  • Accuracy hydraulic proportional control system;
  • Multi-pump system saves energy;
  • Efficient and reliable hydraulic circuit;
  • Oil temperature alarm device & emergency stop device;
  • Core pulling;
  • Automatic lubricating system with leakage and low level alarm.
Computer Controller model A63
  • KP Series Plastic Injection Molding MacineA63 computer controller, which adopts the most advanced control technology and design, is reliable and precise microprocessor based controller especially for plastic injection molding machine;
  • Basic circuit design includes standard photo coupling wiring circuit and high noise reduction characteristic;
  • Dust-proof embrace operation key panel switch box;
  • Suitable for various hydraulic proportional system;
  • There are several engineering data stored in internal memory, which can be initially set by operator at machine setup time, ensure operation in optimum condition;
  • Self-test function for maintenance;
  • Manual, semi-auto, auto mode available.

Features of A63 Controller

Type PLC (e.g.) A63 Controller
Computer Controller FX0N-60MR (MITSUBISHI/Japan) A63 (Techmation/Taiwan)
Position Control Proximity switch, Limit switch Potentiometer, Proximity switch, Limit switch
Potentiometer No Yes(3 pcs)
Mold Data Memory No Yes (20 molds)
Data Input Dial switch Keyboard
Temperature Control Temperature controller Computer controller
Time Control Time relay Computer controller
Internal Program & Data Unmodifiable Modifiable
Screw Protection No Yes
Data Display LED LCD
Date & Time No Yes
Auto Heating No Yes (24-hour)
Alarm Flash & sound Flash, sound & data indication
Safety Device Electric & Mechanical Electric & Mechanical
Air Eject No Yes (optional)
Core Pulling No Double core pulling (optional)
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