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Color Feeder -- Make your plastic products colorful

H.S.Code: 8479820090
Color FeederColor feeder is a kind of precision dosage device used mainly for coloring(masterbatch) or additive automatically. It assures even quality by least material. By this way, there is no need to store large quantity of colored material, but only necessary coloring/masterbatch/additive, you can easily and quickly get mixed material.

SCM series color feeder is suitable for injection molding, extrusion blow molding. While installation, just install color feeder between the outlet of hopper and inlet of machine. Precision controlled dosage screw will push coloring/master-batch into flowed main material. At most 4 color feeders can be installed at the same time, they can dosage 4 different kinds of coloring/master-batch as per the percentages you want.

Color feeder is suitable for Granule Colorings only.

  • Accuracy guaranteed within +/-0.1% by P.I.D. controller;
  • Enlarged hopper, and additional material shutter equipped;
  • The outer calibrating gate is designed for easy access;
  • DC non-carbon brush motor is used for maintenance-free;
  • Equipped with indicator and alarm for the motor overload, overheat and lack phase;
  • All the parts touches the material directly are made of stainless steel;
  • Easy to clean and maintenance (no tool needed).
Model SCM75-30 SCM75-100
Gear Ratio 30 100
Dosage Capacity Screw Dia.=12mm 1.02 ~ 6.96 kgs 0.30 ~ 2.16 kgs
Screw Dia.=16mm 1.86 ~ 18.78 kgs 0.78 ~ 5.76 kgs
Screw Dia.=20mm 3.12 ~ 24.18 kgs 0.96 ~ 7.44 kgs
Working Temperature 0 ~ 450C
Power Supply  AC 220V+/-10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Motor Power 40 W
Motor Speed 300 ~ 3,000 RPM
Hopper Capacity 10 L
Weight 15 kgs
Investigation Form

In case you're going to buy a color feeder, please download our investigation form (in Adobe PDF format), fill the blanks and send it to us for us to choose the correct model for your purpose.

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