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PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Nowadays, PET container are replacing glass/PE/PVC container in the food and drink industry. PET has the advantages of virtually unbreakable, easy to handle and transport, low cost and easy to manufacture and recycle.

PET Stretch Blow Molding MachineNB/VS series Stretch Blow Molding Machine is suitable for small and medium sized bottle makers and drinks manufacturers worldwide to produce their own bottle. The machine starts with the preform, heat it, and then stretch-blow the heated preform in the blow mold into oriented PET container. According to different requirement, NB/VS series machine has the ability to produce PET bottle from narrow neck finishes to wide mouth finishes in the size from 5ml to 20,000ml. The wide applicability for both narrow and wide neck, reliable capability make VS series stretch blow molding machine become popular and attractive to medium and small size bottle and drink manufacturer around the world.

NB/VS series fully auto Stretch Blow Molding Machine consists of three parts: host (including Bottle Blowing unit and Infrared Preform Heating unit), Preform Autoloader. All the operation will be done automatically by PLC system.

NB/VS series nowdays are used to produce PET container for mineral, beverage, edible oil, cosmetics, detergents, medicine and farm chemicals, etc. It enjoys advantages such as low cost, high efficiency and easy operation.

Models available


Model Max. Output (BPH) Volume Covered
50ml 200ml 600ml 1.5L 2.25L 5.0L 8.0L 20L
Semi-Auto VS600 900  
Full Auto VS2200 2000  
VS4000 3800  
VS25 1300  
NB5G 400            
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